Asociación Los Patojos

Organization: Los Patojos

Partner since: 2008

Location: Jocotenango, Guatemala

Number of Children Impacting: 375

Programs: Pre-Kindergarten – 9th Grade | Meals | Doctor’s Salary | Community Health Clinic | Institute of Cultural Action (IAC)

While working as a teacher in Guatemala, Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes saw his students struggling with drugs and gangs, issues that even his own generation had faced. Therefore, at the age of 23, he turned part of his family’s home into a community center and started Los Patojos. Together, Los Patojos and JustWorld have built and are funding an accredited education program for students in Pre-Kindergarten-9th Grade, including daily nutritious meals, arts programs and the doctor’s salary.

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Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes, Founder and Executive Director, named 2014 CNN Top 10 Hero!

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Stories of Success

Guillermo Anotonio Choc Corado

“The project has helped me from the first day that I came, to provide decent spaces and many new things to learn. It gives me a lot of confidence and I feel safe. I know that being here I have many possibilities to realize my dreams and to have a future of success.”

Milene Michel Santos

“The project is helping me to improve my life and raise my spirits. They do not despise me, but on the contrary they pay attention to me. The teacher, Juan Pablo, appreciates us and I am sure that if he were to teach in the whole country, there would not be so much violence. My dream is to be a good woman, an artist. I would like to be a poet and an architect. I am sure it will not be easy, but Los Patojos will support me with my dreams. I will not give up. Los Patojos and JustWorld make a great team that has helped many people. I feel very happy and proud to be able to do things together and without that support, I could not achieve it.”

Omar Estuardo Barrientos Alquijay

“I remember the first day I arrived at Los Patojos I felt nervous and shit. It was difficult for me to do things because I felt that everything went wrong, but as the days go by I got accustomed and since that day I have not stopped coming to Los Patojos. I like being Miss Melissa’s assistant and learning how to take care of the kids as they have done with me and I love being in Los Patojos. My dreams and goals are to be a chef because I really like food. Outside of the project, there are people who have made fun of what I think and what I want to be, but I do nto care because it is my decision and it is what I want for my life. I would like particularly to thank JustWorld for helping us all the time. Thanks to them, we managed to keep creative teachers who attend to us daily. It is spectacular to know so many Ambassadors help us.”

Leslie del Rosario Blano Figueroa

“The dream that I have for my life is to be a pediatrician. Being in the project, I have always seen that there is a clinic where they care for may children.”