Compartir's Flute Group Visits the Horse Show

By: Ambassadors Nadja Rajan & Isabella Maradiaga

Last weekend in Honduras, we had a show jumping competition. It was delightful and filled by people who are willing to learn more about the sport and our equestrian family, which is always a plus for us around here. The competition was an important one, like always, but this one was our last practice before we go to Guatemala to participate in El Cortijo. As a result, we could feel the athletic tension rising from the audience and the riders themselves. In general, it has been an excellent start of the year for the Honduran riders and everyone who has taken the time to help.

However, the best surprise of the weekend was having the children from Asociaci√≥n Compartir visit us and support us on Saturday. When they first arrived, my category’s results were going to be announced shortly after I got off my horse, Macarena. We took some picture and they admired Macarena as we waited.
Photo Apr 08, 11 28 22 PM
Once I was called to the podium, they cheered for me like no one had ever before, and I couldn’t have felt more grateful to have met them for being so¬†supportive, even if they knew very little about me. I took them to the stables to see the horses and the horses cherished their presence as they fed them with treats.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 4.01.17 PM

They also played the recorder for us and we appreciated their visit greatly. We also raised Lps. 3,940 from a bake sale and horseless jumping competition. We hope to have Compartir join us again for the next competition we have here in Honduras!

The mobile library reaches more than 5,000 children and youth in the capital of Honduras. Each week, it travels to schools, libraries, community centers, and open spaces to set up educational activities. Additionally, it also offers workshops such as the flute group, band, percussion, guitar, painting, folk dance, and theatre. Many of the children whom the mobile library reaches do not have the opportunity to go to school because they cannot afford to purchase the uniforms, books and school supplies required to attend the local public schools or they live too far to get there. This outreach program is their only source of education and for those communities that the truck cannot even get to due to unpaved roads in remote locations, volunteers on foot make the hike to reach them with backpacks filled with books. When you hear the children come running and singing, excited and ready to learn to read and work together, it makes you want to make sure that the mobile library can keep doing its work.

Thank you to Nadja Rajan, Isabella Maradiaga, Gabriela Maradiaga, and all of the Ambassadors and supporters in Honduras and around the world who support the mobile library!