The Vilamoura Equestrian Center Welcomes JustWorld

While the rest of Europe settled into the colder months of fall and the indoor season was about to kickoff, the sun still shone bright and hot over the beautiful show-ground of the Vilamoura Champions Tour 2016.

Located on the southern coast of Portugal, the renown Vilamoura Equestrian Centre run by the Moura family, has become one of the best equestrian facilities in Europe.

This professional, yet cozy and family orientated Centre provided the perfect backdrop for JustWorld to raise awareness and funds in southern Europe.


Throughout the four weeks, various great awareness and fundraising activities were organized for this first-time partnership with the Vilamoura Equestrian Centre. During the show, JustWorld videos were played several times a day, the announcer informed the public about the JustWorld projects and pillars, there was an informative article in the official show magazine, and one of the FEI ranking classes was dedicated to JustWorld. On Sunday, Jumping Access Studio organized a fun interview with European Coordinator, Tess Nooren. Broadcasted on the big screen, the journalist and Tess spoke at length about her involvement with JustWorld, her personal experiences having visited a project, our ambassadors, and how to get involved.

Throughout the Tour, riders, visitors, grooms and family had the possibility to participate in an exciting drawing made possible by Portugese saddle designer, Sabino Saddle, who generously donated one of their exclusive saddles to the winner.


With the generous support of the Thai Beach Club, JustWorld International and the Vilamoura Equestrian Centre were able to host the very first European Cheers for Change event.

Situated right on the beach front, the Thai Beach Club provided a fabulous setting for this special Cheers for Change Dinner. Waiters decked out with JustWorld badges led the guests to the beautifully decorated tables where they explored the various JustWorld brochures and enjoyed a delicious Thai meal.

cheers-for-change-waiterAs the evening progressed, organizer of the Tour, Antonio Moura, gave a moving speech explaining his commitment to JustWorld and the importance he attaches to JustWorld’s cause. It was a wonderful evening of laughter, good food and conversation, where guests were all united to improve the lives of more than 6,500 children at the JustWorld projects around the world. The Thai Beach Club donated part of the evening’s proceeds to JustWorld International. CLICK TO WATCH THE EVENT VIDEO.

Thank you!

JustWorld would like to thank the entire Vilamoura Equestrian Centre show organization and especially the Moura family for their great generosity and for hosting JustWorld so warmly and graciously! We would also like to thank Sabino Saddle for generously donating a saddle for the Justworld Sabino Saddle drawing. Thank you also to Jumping Access Studio for a fun studio broadcast and a great live interview, and everyone who took part in helping us raise awareness and funds during the Vilamoura Champions Tour 2016!

Will you be at the Helsinki International Porsche Horse Show? They are helping us raise awareness so keep your ears out for interviews with JustWorld ambassadors Kevin Staut, Lisa Nooren and Hervé Godignon!