Project Update: New School at PIO

The new school building at PIO’s Stung Mean Chey School opened in October and classes are now in session. Thank you to our partner, Horseware Ireland, for helping make this possible! Horseware donated a floor of the building and installed the solar panel system to decrease operational costs. This building now enables them to offer Grades 7 and 8.


A note from the JustWorld Volunteers at PIO:

We are two students from La Rochelle Business School in France. Our mission is to teach English to Grade 2 at PIO School in Cambodia during two months. It is a huge challenge for us because it is our first time as teachers.

Thanks to John, who trained us and showed us how we had to teach. We feel useful and confident with a class of fifty students each.

The first day we were really nervous to be presented in front of the class, but the students’ smiles and desire to learn reassured us and made us feel more confident so we threw ourselves into the role of teachers and started this unique experience.

If you haven’t lived this experience, you cannot imagine how we are welcomed and listened to by the students. We may have to buy another suitcase to bring back all of the drawings that we receive every day.

To conclude, thanks to the warm welcoming of John and all of the other teachers at PIO School, this experience has been full of emotions and one that we will, for sure, remember all of our lives.

~ Teacher Juliette and Teacher Antoine