Hopping the Pond with JustWorld: Welcome to La Baule!

Now that another wonderful season in Wellington has come to an end, eyes start turning to Europe as the outdoor season slowly unfolds. It is the start of an exciting spring and summer for JustWorld in Europe with amazing horse show partnerships expanding into the world of racing and polo. May kicks off with one […]

Cheers for Change: Be part of it!

  Since the launch of JustWorld’s new grassroots fundraising initiative Cheers for Change, there have been four individual Cheers for Change events. These events have come in different shapes and sizes, tapping into the core of what JustWorld believes – that together we can create amazing change.   The goal of Cheers for Change is […]

New Partner Welcome: Cavalleria Toscana

JustWorld is excited to introduce their new partnership with the elegant Italian equestrian brand, Cavalleria Toscana. Cavalleria Toscana’s new project, “The Vision,” is part of their most recent venture into the realm of sunglasses, reaching another level of ‘Italian cool’. Cavalleria Toscana created an exclusive line of sunglasses with a beautiful engraving of JustWorld along […]