Young Entrepreneurs Successfully Host Cheers for Change Fundraiser, Combining the Equestrian Lifestyle and Luxury Cars, to Raise Funds for JustWorld

After having experienced travel in developing nations, young entrepreneurs Denise Fraile and Christopher Bancroft Mandly, founder of Bancroft Automotive, put into action their goals of bringing the equestrian based charity, JustWorld International, into the Palm Beach area as a means to raise funds for children at JustWorld’s partner projects. They hosted a Cheers for Change fundraiser in a chic new custom exotic car warehouse and successfully brought together notables of the Palm Beach society.


The goal of Cheers for Change is to unite JustWorld’s supporters to help fund education and nutrition programs for children at JustWorld’s partner projects around the world. It is together, through JustWorld’s network, that JustWorld is able to empower more than 6,500 children in Cambodia, Colombia, Honduras, and Guatemala, giving them a hope for a brighter future. What is special about Cheers for Change is that a host can bring together their friends and family and tailor their celebration. These events have come in different shapes and sizes, tapping into the core of what JustWorld believes – that together we can create amazing change.


Denise, having been a leading equestrian for most of her life and having been extensively involved with the Palm Beach philanthropy scene, was thrilled at the opportunity of bringing the two together. Denise explained, “I recently visited the JustWorld project Los Patojos in Guatemala. Seeing the children whose lives I am changing was incredibly inspiring and made me realize that being able to give back is a true privilege.”

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Denise connected with Christopher Bancroft Mandly and decided to merge together their passions – the equestrian world, luxury and exotic cars and philanthropy. Christopher Bancroft Mandly shared, “It has truly been an honor to have both myself and my business be a part of such an incredible cause. Social responsibility has always been at the core of my upbringing and now my company, Bancroft Automotive, and I cannot wait to continue this tradition in support of JustWorld.”


A committee was formed with other young, local entrepreneurs, including Rodena Waldmann, Luis Rodriguez and Georgia Harrison, to execute a modern and stylish event that drew several prominent attendees who showed excitement over the refreshingly trendy atmosphere. The committee shared JustWorld’s mission with their guests, highlighting the tremendous difference JustWorld’s programs are making around the world. The evening also served as a launch for another event this coming October to also benefit JustWorld International, leaving guests even more excited.


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With a goal of 100 Cheers for Change events this year, you can be a part of this movement! With a JustWorld toolkit, you can personalize your own celebration. This toolkit will provide you with materials to share JustWorld’s mission with your guests. With easy print-out materials to fun party ideas, you can truly make this event your own. You can also find JustWorld branded party ideas at


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Be sure to promote your event on social media using #CheersforJustWorld, to spark the “change effect,” encouraging others to be a part of the movement!