The Leadership Development Program-Spark

LDP-sparkgameThe Leadership Development Program-Spark is off to an electric start. LDP-Spark aims to inspire today’s youth by instilling leadership, philanthropy, and team building skills in a fun, lively atmosphere.

On February 18th, students from a range of locations across the US and countries including Venezuela, France, and Guatemala gathered in Wellington for the program’s first session which took place at Palm Beach International Academy. With guest speaker Anne Caroline Valtin sharing the meaning of philanthropy and JustWorld’s mission, students took the first steps in this five-week program.

Every session is also paired with fun social events such as games, music, group activities, cupcake and taco bars and pizza parties. Sessions for LDP-Spark alternate hosting locations between Palm Beach International Academy and Belle Herbe Farm located in scenic Grand Prix Village.


The students gathered for the second time and learned from International Grand Prix rider, Candice King, what it takes to be a leader. Students, riders and friends then solidified the night’s take away by successfully and tactfully guiding each other through a blindfolded maze set on Belle Herbe’s derby field.


Michelle Rodriguez, wife of Guatemalan Olympic rider, Juan Andres Rodrigues, took time to express, from first hand knowledge, what the needs and realities are in the projects in which JustWorld serves. This session also took time to learn how the project in Guatemala, Los Patojos, was started.

For the weeks to follow, students will learn from experts on how to hone in on their fundraising and communication skills and are encouraged to further develop their abilities and spread the JustWorld mission to others, including friends, family, teachers, local business owners and neighbors.

Each LDP- Spark gathering is formatted in a progressive way in that each topic presented builds on that of the previous week, giving each student a leg up on becoming the next philanthropic leaders of tomorrow while having quite a bit of fun along the way.

If you would like to join us for next week’s session of LDP-Spark please email Molly McDougall at LDP-Spark is free and open to the public, Ambassadors, riders, family and friends.