Thank you Alexis Gruss & Equidia

There are some moments that simply stay with you. The gasp of a crowd, the anticipation, the final act and the standing ovation. It was a spectacular evening under the marquee as the circus performance came to a delightful conclusion.


On the 5th of November, Alexis Gruss and his family, along with the Farfadais, presented a splendid representation of the primordial myths of Pegasus & Icarus.


Untitled3The show’s ringmaster Alexis Gruss, born in Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines, more than half a century ago, hails from quite the historic family. His great-grandmother, Maria Martinett, was of the equine world, and through the union with his great-grandfather, Andre-Charles Gruss, the circus and the horse were finally married, and a dynasty was born. Alexis’ father is the celebrated Auguste Gruss, while his mother is the descendant from a reputed and significant equestrian family, which can trace its lineage all the way back to 1796.


Untitled2Through one night’s performance, dedicated to JustWorld, over € 6,000 was raised for the organization.Beyond these funds raised, a bond was formed between JustWorld and the Gruss family. Jessica welcomed the audience and for two and a half hours of pure enchantment, the horse and primeval myths become a reality during the circus acts. There was aerobatics, pole dancing, trapeze artists and juggling. Each skill enhanced by the act of the other, fashioning the fantasy of Pegasus and Icarus. The equestrian pyramid embodied the night as a whole, in which the balance of the act was critical to its success, as the balance of all the acts together was key to the show’s success.


Untitled7 Amidst all the artists, Jessica and Eric Brion, CEO of Equidia, came forward to reveal the amount raised. Alexis Gruss’ voice boomed with pride, thanking Jessica and JustWorld for a magical evening. Eric took center stage, announcing that between the donations and money raised from the performance, € 6000 will be donated to JustWorld projects around the globe.





A very special thanks to Alexis Gruss and his family, without whom this night would not have been possible, as well as Equidia’s unwavering support for JustWorld.