JustWorld Wraps Up On the West Coast

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Thunderbird Show Park:

In the five years that Thunderbird Show Park has been partnered with JustWorld they have consistently come out on top as the leading “JustWorld Supporting Horse Show” every year. This year started in the same fashion during their Canadian Premier Horse Show May 20-24th. Through a musical bingo night, silent auction, Clear the Jump initiative, and a drawing, over $7,000 was raised during the first week of fundraising for JustWorld. Vice President of Thunderbird Show Park and JustWorld Technical Official Ambassador, Chris Pack, commented on the week, “We are so encouraged and proud of the support that we have received from all our exhibitors and sponsors in donating to our 2015 JustWorld International Rice for Families campaign. We raised over $7K with our silent auction and our Clear the Jump initiative that was generously matched by Tiffany Sullivan of Haley Farms! We are looking forward to our next JWI initiative in the upcoming Western Family Tournament, as well as our CSI3* Fort Summer Classic in August.”

As a continued fundraiser, tickets for a fully donated Voltaire Design saddle will be available to purchase throughout the show season with the final drawing to take place during the World Cup Qualifier at the Summer Fort Classic August 24, 2015. A special thank you to Voltaire Design for such an amazing donation; Haley Farms for sponsoring the JustWorld Clear the Jump initiative which raised a total of $3,600 for the Rice for Families Program at People Improvement Organization (PIO), our partner in Cambodia; Thunderbird Show Park for matching the Clear the Jump initiative; Jane Tidball and Chris Pack, Thunderbird’s President and Vice President, and all of Thunderbird’s amazing staff for their incredible support; and Lead JustWorld Volunteer Kim McDougall, all of our Ambassadors and volunteers who contributed to the fundraising efforts at Thunderbird!

Tbird Chris Pack, Jane Tidball, Megan Schiffman

Blenheim EquiSports:

Blenheim- Sarah AbdiWith the help of star JustWorld Ambassadors, the staff of Blenheim EquiSports, and many generous donors, the Blenheim June Classic Week I proved to be another successful fundraising week for JustWorld.  The JustWorld Silent Auction was held over two days and raised $3,000 for JustWorld and our projects around the world.

JustWorld Leg Up Award winner and Blenheim employee, Sarah Abdi, said, “It’s so exciting that JustWorld and Blenheim have been able to continue such a thriving partnership. I am so lucky to be a part of such an amazing organization like JustWorld and cannot wait for many more years of fundraising with Blenheim.”

JustWorld aBlenheim2lso added another great new professional ambassador during the week! Kristy Miller is the owner and trainer of Black Star Farm in Huntington Beach, California.  She is pictured here with Kathy Hobstetter and a fellow winner of the full-page ad in Hunt + Jump magazine, purchased at the JustWorld Silent Auction.

Thank you to Blenheim and all of our amazing supporters on the West Coast! 

For more information on Blenheim EquiSports and their horse shows and events, please visit their Facebook page or website at www.blenheimequisports.com.