Shawn's Mitzvah Project

While living in Antigua, Guatemala, I was lucky enough to be introduced to this incredible and revolutionary school, medical clinic and community center that educated [more than] 300 Guatemalan children per day.

The project is run by Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes in his own home and town. The school is named “Los Patojos”, which directly translates to “The Little Ones”. This project provides education, exposure to the arts, and medical care to the [children] of Guatemala.

The opportunities that Los Patojos provides for these kids, like health care, music, art, drawing, painting, dance, photography, cooking, and hygiene are things that these kids would have never had a chance to try or be exposed to. In fact it is such an amazing project that Juan Pablo was recognized as one of CNN’s Top 10 Heroes in 2014!

Click to see some great videos about Juan Pablo and Los Patojos: HERE and HERE.

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Currently, Juan Pablo just finished building a state of the art academic, health clinic, and community center, moving the project out of his very small home so they can expand their “Dreams and Ideas in Action”.

As my community service Bar Mitzvah project and keeping with my Latin American theme, I’m asking for donations to pay for kitchen supplies in the new building. Juan Pablo and I really believe this project will change the lives of so many kids and actually change how kids are educated in Guatemala forever.

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Please help me, Juan Pablo and the students at Los Patojos in Guatemala!

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