Say Hello To Our New Partner Ashford Farm

JustWorld International welcomes Ashford Farm as one of their new partners! To mark the beginning of this new partnership, Ashford Farm will sponsor the nurse’s salary, for the People Improvement Organization, this coming year.

The People Improvement Organization (PIO), which is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, has partnered with JustWorld International since 2004. The organization offers services such as official school curricula from kindergarten to sixth grade, arts and drawing, nutrition programs, hygiene care, as well as vocational training. IMG_1544

Ashford Farm, located in northern Belgium, is one of Europe’s most successful trading stables. Under the guidance of Irish-born, managing director Enda Carroll, Ashford Farm offers world-class facilities for horses and riders.

Not only has the farm partnered with JustWorld International, all of Ashford Farm’s riders and owners are now Ambassadors for the organization.

Ashford Farm’s riding team consists of Pieter Clemens, Angelica Augustsson and Marlon Zanotelli, who are all solidly behind the non-profit. Each of them are generously contributing to the organization by riding for a cause, spreading the word, and financially contributing.

At  the age of 19, Clemens took home the top prize of the class, riding one of eleven double clear rounds at The two star Grand Prix at Kingsland Oslo Horse Show in 2013. When asked about his reasons for becoming an ambassador, Clemens, responded, “I want to be apart of people that want to help people with limited chances. I think especially children should have the same chances, and JustWorld is helping with that.” GA2_8712

In addition to Clemens, his team members Augustsson and Zanotelli have also realized the difference they can make by becoming an ambassador.

Zanotelli took up riding at age four in Fortaleza, Brazil and Competed in the 2014 World Championships. He and his family strongly believe in helping and working with children. “My family has always been involved with helping kids in Brazil where I was born,” said Zanotelli. “My gamma takes care of an orphanage, and it is so nice to see how simple things can help so much. I would like to do more and JustWorld is giving me this possibility.”


“I [have] realized how much a small thing can mean so much for other people…If there is anything I can do for JustWorld it’s an honor for me,” adds Augustsson.  Augustsson, who loves Bruno Mars and going to the beach, has been around horses all her life. She aided at a local riding school as a teenager to earn riding lessons.GA2_8695

Ashford Farm’s support will provide the PIO children to continue receiving medical care. Without PIO and the school nurse, these children have no other way to seek medical attention since their families cannot afford to send them to a doctor or hospital. The PIO clinic serves 1,000 children, which is approximately 20-30 visits per day. Once a nurse sees the child, they are then provided with a basic treatment, or referred to a hospital for more serious issues.