Meet Rachana and Thavy from PIO!

Roeun Rechana is a 5th grade student who feels lucky to be at PIO and have the opportunity to learn as a result of the social worker’s visit with her family. Chea Thavy is a Social Worker at PIO who helps the community to understand what “education” is and supports students in their desire to attend school.

Name: Roeun Rechana

Grade: 5

Student at PIO since: 2012

Interest: dancing, learning, my little brother

“My mother had a new baby with her husband a couple of months ago. We went to the province with my brother for the holidays but the last day, my mom asked me to stay home and take care of my new sister instead of going back to the PIO shelter. She called PIO to tell them but the day after, the social worker came and told her she couldn’t do that. I like to learn and live at PIO but I couldn’t say no to my mother. Fortunately, the social worker convinced my mother just like she did 3 years ago, that it was better for me to go to school and learn than staying home all day. I am lucky. ”

Name: Chea ThavyScreen Shot 2015-09-08 at 4.22.05 PM

Job title: Social Worker

Joined PIO: 2010

“I talk to everybody about everything. That’s how I got to be very involved in my community and all the other ones around. I go in villages a few times a week to talk to the very poor people about education, hygiene and nutrition. I ask them to give the chance to their children. They don’t understand what “education”’ means- they understand “work” and “money”. Education is a long process; that’s why when the children are enrolled at the school we continue to visit the families. I believe in tenacity and ambition.”

“The social worker activity has declined this quarter with a reduction in visits. That may be due to the absence of problems, especially at Stung Mean Chey. Home visits were all in response to a child being absent from school for more than one week.” – PIO Quarterly Report

This is great news for PIO, JustWorld, and our supporters! 

Your help is making a difference for children and their families by helping students stay in school.

What do we fund at PIO? 

2 of PIO’s schools in Cambodia: Stung Mean Chey (SMC) and Borey Keila (BK).

This includes:

* Salaries for: administrators, teachers, social worker, librarian, Apsara dance instructor, cooks, cleaners, and guards

* Utilities and pure drinking water

* School supplies: uniforms, school bags, flip flops, books and notebooks, and pens, pencils, erasers, and rulers

* Hygienic supplies: toothpaste and toothbrushes

* Medical services: basic medicines and health insurance

* Nutrition program: plates, spoons, mugs and daily lunch- rice, soup, vegetable, fish or meat

* Rice program: 5 kg rice for each student with good attendance as an incentive for their families to keep them in school

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