Masters Equestrian + JustWorld

What’s better than shopping and giving back to those less fortunate while doing so? The co-branded line designed through a new partnership between Masters Equestrian and JustWorld International will allow you to do just that!

Masters Equestrian has partnered with non-profit JustWorld International and together they have developed a co-branded clothing line in an effort to give back in a major way. JustWorld International works through the international equestrian community and its extensive networks to fund and sustain programs that provide basic needs to children with little opportunity to receive support from other sources.

With Masters Equestrian’s show jumping fashions and JustWorld’s role in the equestrian community, they will work in tandem to enrich children’s lives around the world through their clothing line.

Both Masters Equestrian and JustWorld International are excited for the launch of their new co-branded clothing line. Their full line of items will include soft shell jackets, riding shirts, breeches, baseball hats, t-shirts and technical riding socks, that feature cool flow and sweat wicking technology. All of the products will be available in an online store.

JustWorld International has been a beacon of hope for impoverished children around the world for more than 12 years, and Masters Equestrian could not be more thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with them. Masters Equestrian is incredibly excited about this opportunity to give back to those who are less fortunate through this exclusive clothing line.

Not only will Masters Equestrian provide support through the launch of the clothing line for their non-profit campaign, but the “Dress the World” initiative will also directly donate apparel and footwear to the JustWorld projects in Guatemala, Honduras, Cambodia and Colombia.