Make Way for New Heroes – A Jumpfax Partner Release

Why don’t we take you to a new adventure? A whole new way to decipher international show jumping? You already know the great champions in this discipline, but did you notice that there were others? We’re talking about a sport where the couple is fundamental, but then… what are the best performing combinations in the world?

JUMPFAX releases the JUMPFAX SERIES or when the statistics will reveal (finally) all the show jumping champions. Stay with us, the best is yet to come.

Maybe, you already know JUMPFAX, our powerful digital platform that offers to connect all the show jumping enthusiasts, making life easier for them by giving access to all the information essential to their organization thanks to the mobile application.

Today, Jumpfax has devised a new vision of high level show jumping according to new and innovative rules to decipher all the sport statistics by highlighting all the champions, riders and pairs of riders according to categories.

More than 20,000 riders as well as 40,000 horses compete and win classes every weekend around the world. Which makes a lot of undiscovered heroes in our sport. We want to bring to light these champions, riders and horses who win and perform every week in their category.

We believe in our sport where each athlete can be a hero, and we are very proud to give to the riders and horses the glory they deserve!

Because there are more champions than you think, Jumpfax is launching the JUMPFAX SERIES, new revolutionary world rankings.

What are the rules?

Every week, JUMPFAX SERIES will reveal the individual ranking by rider and the ranking by pair (rider/horse) taking into consideration only the Grand Prix of each category of the competition as mentioned in the FEI Rule. If there is no Grand Prix, the highest and/or most prize money class will be taken into account. For CSI-W events, World Cup points and Grand Prix points are counted.

Managed by EQ3 Digital SA, an independent programming and data processing company, based in Geneva, JUMPFAX SERIES honor any professional or amateur jumping athlete and his/her horse who has competed in any eligible FEI event, and has been placed in the first quarter in the Grand Prix competition of each event (as mentioned in the FEI Rule).

FEI Official events with an individual ranking (CSIAmA, CSIAmB, CSI1*&W, CSI2* &W, CSI3*&W, CSI4*&W, CSI5*&W) are counted.

Are not counted: Olympic Games, FEI World Equestrian Games, FEI World Cup Final, FEI Nations Cup + Final, Continental / Regional Games, Continental / Regional Championships.

To be eligible, a combination must not participate in more than 30 shows a year with a maximum of 4 shows over 4 weeks in a row.

Every rider or combination with the same amount of points are ranked at the same place.

The ranking is updated each week and available on

After each weekend, all the points are added and the JUMPFAX SERIES are automatically calculated.

The Jumpfax series takes into account the points obtained over a period of 12 months starting December 1st, 2016 and ending November 30th, 2017.

At the end of the year (1st of December 2017), overall JUMPFAX SERIES rankings will be determined by adding the scoring points from each event.

The best combination (MVC) and best athlete (MVP) of the World for each level will be designated.

For more information about these new rules and to take a look at all the JUMPFAX SERIES rankings, learn more on