The Dream is Real

After two years of construction, Los Patojos has finally finished all the phases of construction and is ready to serve the children and youth of our community in our new facilities, the Centro Socioeducativo Lic. Magno Rudy Arévalo.DSC02769

The Centre will allow Los Patojos’ team to serve more than 300 participants in the educational and nutritional programs; hundreds of beneficiaries through The Samuel-Sanford Family Performance Hall which includes a Music, Art and Graphics Studios where art and cultural shows, lectures and social activities will be held; the medical clinic which will be open every day to our community so everyone can have access to medical care; and the leadership, vocational and  job training programs which will be invaluable to hundreds of teenagers and young adults in preparing them to be responsible citizens and starting their own small local businesses.

This new Centre signifies development and gives hope and opportunities to a community that did not have local development programs before. We are happy and proud, and ready to work harder for the present and future of the children and youth of Guatemala.

Thank you so much to our donors who made this possible: The Samuel-Sanford Family, The Quirk/Cooper Family Fund, the Heidegger Family, Maria Newman and Francisco Arredondo. You all are part of our history- a history of creative, innovative and dignify social change!

This will never be forgotten!Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 4.58.09 PM

Dreams and ideas in action!

Muchas Gracias!

Juan Pablo

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