Longines and JustWorld Partnership Provides More than 300,000 Nutritious Meals to Children Around the World

Since the beginning of the partnership between nonprofit organization JustWorld International and Swiss watch brand Longines seven years ago, Longines’ contributions have helped specifically fund the JustWorld nutrition programs by providing more than 300,000 nutritious meals to children around the world. Their most recent joint activations took place at Thunderbird Show Park and the Hampton Classic Horse Show. Together, Longines and JustWorld will continue to partner at the premier Longines Global Champions Tour of New York, spreading awareness and providing essential meals to thousands of children in need.


JustWorld supported programs operate on a holistic approach to provide students the best opportunities for success. This approach addresses gaps in education in addition to nutrition and healthcare because children who are hungry and sick do not learn. Many children living in the communities JustWorld serves come from families who struggle to provide basic living conditions, therefore, nutritious meals served each year at the JustWorld programs are often the only sustenance they receive.

Longines takes pride in its long tradition of supporting charitable causes. It was thus natural for Longines to lend support to JustWorld International. Through the “Longines Clear the Jump” initiative, where each time a horse and rider clears the Longines obstacle in the ring with no faults, the Swiss watch brand provides 200 meals for children at the JustWorld programs. Show announcers also share information about the JustWorld nutrition programs each time the Longines jump is cleared, raising awareness of the life-changing impact the partnership is creating and encouraging participants to get involved with the charity.

Longines is at the forefront of charitable giving at some of the most influential and renowned shows across the globe through the Longines Clear the Jump initiative for JustWorld and the partnership continues to grow each year, adding more shows annually. During 2019, the initiative took place during the Longines FEI Jumping Nations CupTM of USA, the Longines Global Champions Tour of Miami Beach, the Longines Jumping International La Baule – Longines FEI Jumping Nations CupTM of France, the Longines CSIO St. Gallen in Switzerland, the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping – Longines Global Champions Tour of Paris in France, the Longines FEI Jumping World CupTM in Langley, Canada, and the Hampton Classic Horse Show in New York. Still to come, the Longines Clear the Jump initiative for JustWorld will take place during the premier Longines Global Champions Tour of New York and the Longines Masters of Paris in France.

Longines and JustWorld celebrate the milestone of 300,000 meals and look forward to continuing to work together to give back to children around the world at the upcoming Longines Global Champions Tour of New York, September 27-29.