Kask & Parlanti: JustWorld Partnership with Impact

“JustWorld is a pillar of philanthropy in the equestrian industry and we are very proud to join them in doing some good around the world.”

Since the start of our partnership with KASK Helmets and Parlanti USA less than a year ago, tremendous change can already be seen. A portion of sales from KASK equestrian helmets and Parlanti boots has helped to fund teacher salaries and provide students in kindergarten through sixth grade with uniforms and shoes at PIO’s Stung Mean Chey School, JustWorld’s partner in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


JustWorld joined forces with PIO in 2004 to build a school on a municipal garbage dump where children were scavenging for recyclables to sell for food to support their families, helping to ensure that they now had access to an education. Since then, more than half of the operating budget at the school has been continuously funded by JustWorld. This year alone, 850 students are being supported though the partnership which provides a variety of programs including official school curricula for kindergarten through sixth grade, nutrition, medical and hygiene care, and dance instruction, as well as monthly rice allocations as an incentive to families for keeping their children in school. Through these, some of the most vulnerable children in Cambodia have been given tangible hope for a promising future as the society recovers from a tragic past.

North American Brand Manager for both KASK and Parlanti USA, Gianluca Caron, shares a similar vision with JustWorld. “We are still two relatively young companies in the U.S., but part of our mission has always been to give back at any level. JustWorld is a pillar of philanthropy in the equestrian industry and we are very proud to join them in doing some good around the world.” Caron continued, “It’s an honor that our customers have put us in a position to have the resources to affect positive change and progress among the children of the Stung Mean Chey School.”

Thanks to dedicated support from partners like KASK and Parlanti, JustWorld has been able to make a long-term impact on students’ lives.

The stories of students at PIO exemplify the organization’s success and just how far the impact our partners’ support really goes. A current eighth grade student named Phally recognizes the importance education has to break the cycle of poverty for herself and her family. She shared, “I study because education will improve my future and that of my family. If all the people of Cambodia get a high-quality education, nobody will be poor and Cambodia won’t be a poor country anymore!” Another student, Chanty, explained that he couldn’t go to school because it was too far away from his house and he couldn’t afford to pay the fees demanded by teachers at the public school. He and his family moved to Phnom Penh, hoping to find better work opportunities, but kept struggling to put food on the table. When they discovered PIO, Chanty’s parents immediately sent him to school. At fourteen years-old, he started grade 2 and is now studying in grade 12. After graduation this year, he wants to go to university and study IT and then become a teacher so that he can give back and help other children in need to get a good education. These stories demonstrate not only immediate change, but long-term effects. These students are given the tools to lift themselves out of poverty through education and begin their careers – changing the trajectory for hundreds of children and their families.


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