JustWorld’s Month of Change


JustWorld kicked off the “Month of Change” campaign this month. The goal of the campaign is to sign up 30 new JustWorld Members in May. The monthly membership donation is a direct investment in the livelihood of children at JustWorld programs around the world, supporting the education, nutrition, health and hygiene, and leadership development needs for more than 6,500 children. As little as $10/month can provide the nutrition of one child for an entire year who otherwise would struggle to find sustenance.

JustWorld works with local organizations with impassioned leaders who know the needs of their communities and can better direct JustWorld’s support to make the greatest impact. JustWorld’s partners have received global recognition for their extraordinary leadership, with two of their partners receiving the prestigious CNN Top 10 Hero Award and one being awarded the World’s Children’s Prize. JustWorld’s programs are effective in transforming children’s lives every day. This past year, JustWorld increased the capacity for their programs two-fold, serving more than 6,500 children in Cambodia, Guatemala, and Honduras. Now, the organization needs your help to continue to provide these children with the care they need so they can break free from the cycle of poverty and become leaders within their communities.

Join by the end of the month to take part in JustWorld’s #MONTHOFCHANGE!


Together, let’s make this month a time of giving back and sparking change! Share this on social media using #MONTHOFCHANGE to encourage your network to give.