JustWorld Partner Spotlight: Dy'onJustWorld Partner Spotlight: Dy'onJustWorld Partner Spotlight: Dy'on

JustWorld International and long time partner, Dy’on, have teamed up once again to create a new and exciting product for all JustWorld Ambassadors, supporters, and friends! The all-new JustWorld branded stall curtains are now here and are available for purchase. You can show your support in a stylish and unique way at any show!

Dy’on is an elite equestrian brand whose products are built of passion and quest for perfection. The Dy’on trademark is a guaranteed label of satisfaction. Creating, crafting, primary materials and customer service are the first four rules of a long love story between you and your horse. Dy’on is a constant renewal of the horse’s development within its discipline, the rider within his or her art, and the increasing innovation of the product.

You can find the JustWorld stall curtains at Equis LLC locations at major North American horse shows this summer. Also, online shopping will be available soon! Check out their Facebook profile here and their website here.