JustWorld Launches Cheers for Change


It is together, through JustWorld’s network, that JustWorld is able to empower more than 6,000 children in Cambodia, Colombia, Honduras, and Guatemala, giving them a hope for a brighter future. JustWorld International is launching “Cheers for Change” – a new grassroots fundraising initiative for 2016 to unite JustWorld’s supporters to help fund education and nutrition programs for children at JustWorld’s partner projects around the world.Cheers for Change Cocktail Logo

The goal is to take the stuffiness out of the typical fundraising dinner and create an inspiring environment for friends to gather together for an amazing cause. By bringing together friends and family to raise awareness and support of JustWorld, you can inspire your network in a fun way to get involved, carrying on their own Cheers for Change event. You can thereby spark a “change-effect,” where other supporters can see how together we can do our own part to support thousands of children around the world.


These Cheers for Change events come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a wine happy hour, a potluck, a fun party atmosphere, or a kid’s get together like a milk and cookies or pizza party, these gatherings tap into what the core of what JustWorld believes; that together we can create amazing change.

With a JustWorld toolkit, you can tailor your own celebration. This toolkit will provide you with materials to share JustWorld’s mission with your guests. With easy print-out materials and fun party ideas, you can truly make this event your own. You can also find JustWorld branded party ideas at https://www.zazzle.com/justworld.

In lieu of a party favor, hostess gift, or split check, you can encourage your guests to make a donation to JustWorld. For just $100, you can support one child for a year. If each guest at every Cheers for Change makes a small donation to JustWorld, we can reach our goal of funding 6,000 kids by the end of 2016.

With a goal of 100 “Cheers for Change” events this year, let’s cheers to the change we can accomplish together!

For more information on hosting your own Cheers for Change event, contact aconiglio@justworldinternational.org and explore these helpful links:


Cheers for Change brochure:  https://bit.ly/CHEERSFORCHANGE


Cheers for Change toolkit: https://bit.ly/HOSTTOOLKIT