A Great Gold Cup, thanks to Voltaire, Crossroads Equestrian Team, and Morrissey Management Group!

The American Gold Cup is one of the most prestigious competitions in the nation and the organizers, Morrissey Management Group and Old Salem Farm, were pleased to partner with JustWorld International as a charity partner for the sixth year in a row. During the family-friendly event, special JustWorld activities took place, all of which provide support for JustWorld’s mission to provide education, nutrition, health & hygiene, and cultural development programs for impoverished children around the world.

During the week, JustWorld staff and volunteers helped to run the ticket and program sales during the week. For the second year in a row, members of the Crossroads Equestrian Team came out to volunteer and help spread awareness. Also, the Morrissey Management Group, demonstrating their commitment to supporting JustWorld’s programs, pledged to donate a portion of program sales.

On Sunday, the JustWorld International Horseless Horse Show sponsored by Voltaire took place prior to the start of the Grand Prix. The JustWorld Horseless Horse Show is one of the organization’s signature fundraisers aimed at getting children involved in a ‘kids helping kids’ initiative. With set jumping courses, participants race against the clock on their own two feet vying for the win. Prizes for participants included Horseless Horse Show ribbons as well as fabulous Voltaire hair bows and socks. Through Voltaire’s sponsorship, they will be making a donation to support the life-sustaining programs at JustWorld’s partner projects and giving thousands of children a leg up to a brighter future.

Special thanks to the entire staff at Morrissey Management Group for their unwavering support and to all the volunteers to came out to help!