Cheers for Change: Be part of it!


Since the launch of JustWorld’s new grassroots fundraising initiative Cheers for Change, there have been four individual Cheers for Change events. These events have come in different shapes and sizes, tapping into the core of what JustWorld believes – that together we can create amazing change.  

The goal of Cheers for Change is to unite JustWorld’s supporters to help fund education and nutrition programs for children at JustWorld’s partner projects around the world. It is together, through JustWorld’s network, that JustWorld is able to empower more than 6,000 children in Cambodia, Colombia, Honduras, and Guatemala, giving them a hope for a brighter future.

imageWhat is special about Cheers for Change is that a host can bring together their friends and family and tailor their celebration. Since last month’s launch, there have been various Cheers for Change events including a dinner, trunk show, Paint N’ Sip night, and art exhibition. During each of these events, each host shared with their guests JustWorld’s mission and programs. They encouraged their guests to make a donation to JustWorld, doing their part to support the educational and nutritional programs for children at JustWorld’s projects.

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With a goal of 100 Cheers for Change events this year, you can be a part of this movement! With a JustWorld toolkit, you can personalize your own celebration. This toolkit will provide you with materials to share JustWorld’s mission with your guests. With easy print-out materials to fun party ideas, you can truly make this event your own. You can also find JustWorld branded party ideas at

For more information on hosting your own Cheers for Change event, contact and explore these helpful links:

Be sure to promote your event on social media using #CheersforJustWorld, to spark the “change effect”, encouraging others to be a part of the movement!