Catherine M. Zadeh – Changing the World, One Bracelet At a Time

When Catherine M. Zadeh’s husband asked her to design a ring for herself in 1988, he inadvertently launched her career. Noticing the unusually elegant, stackable rings on Catherine’s finger, a friend casually commissioned her to create another piece. Further private commissions followed, and for a time, Catherine exclusively designed women’s jewelry, working hand in hand with her clients to create custom pieces.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.44.37 AMBorn in Iran, schooled in Paris and settled with her family in New York, Catherine’s inspirations were varied and deep. Drawing from art and architecture, nature and life, she taught herself to sketch her concepts and worked with master jewelry makers to realize her ideas. Catherine’s designs have been donned by celebrities and featured in publications including Departures, GQ, Town and Country, nominated “Best Of The Best Of 2006″ by the Robb Report, and has been seen in the film “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Beyond Catherine Zadeh’s talent and art, is an incredibly selfless woman who has given back to others in need in countless ways. In June 2008, a very dear friend who was bravely battling Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for years, along with the financial burden such a disability carries, found herself and her children completely drained of all means of livelihood. Catherine explained, “I decided to design and dedicate a “Peace” bracelet with the inscription ‘Live and Let Live’ to convey the anxiety I felt at the precariousness of life and the importance of giving back. The bracelet was not only a heartfelt result of my concern for their well-being but also my wanting to help her and her children have a shot at a decent—peaceful—life.” Catherine was able to raise close to $60,000 with this initiative and saw the powerful way her jewelry was able to help others.

The “Peace” bracelet was propitiously seen by editor in chief Richard David Story, from the celebrated Departures magazine, who, touched by the message the bracelet embodied, decided to consequently feature it in the 2009 January issue. Since then “The Live and Let Live” bracelet collection has gained momentum and has opened collaborative partnerships with other charity organizations dear to Catherine’s heart. Catherine explains that the inscription “Live and Let Live,” traditionally interpreted as a call for tolerance, has come to suggest a new awareness toward not only recognizing the blessings in our own lives, but passing these blessings on to others that have been less fortunate, having endured pain and suffering, and who are now seeking to achieve peace.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 3.23.39 PMAfter learning about JustWorld International and their mission to break the cycle of poverty by funding local partners around the world, Catherine Zadeh immediately wanted to work together to make a difference. Catherine, knowing first-hand that jewelry can be impactful when there is a message behind it, generously designed and donated limited addition cayenne JustWorld bracelets. “As cliché as it may sound, we would like to humbly change the world, one bracelet at a time,” professed Catherine. All of the money raised goes directly towards funding the children’s programs in Cambodia, Colombia, Guatemala, and Honduras. A little can go a long way. For a donation as little as $65, you can help fund textbooks and school supplies for 5 students for a year at PIO in Cambodia.

You can help support JustWorld International by ordering your own Catherine Zadeh JustWorld bracelet today! Please contact Ariana Coniglio at