Burberry Hosts Fundraiser to Benefit JustWorld

On December 2, 2016, Burberry hosted a fundraiser to benefit nonprofit JustWorld International at the Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Georgia, for the second year in a row. Throughout the night, guests were invited shop for a cause. Burberry donated ten percent of sales during the event to support the children at JustWorld’s partner projects in Cambodia, Guatemala, and Honduras, raising more than $2,000.

Burberry is not only a luxury brand, but also a company that invests in select charities focused on supporting young people. The Burberry Foundation also facilitates and encourages Burberry employees to participate in volunteer roles with charity partners. Guests were able to see first hand the level of social corporate responsibility Burberry embodies.

Two key supporters who helped organize the fundraiser included Robin Kessler, a long-time supporter of JustWorld, and Ashley Yoffee, a JustWorld Ambassador from Georgia. Both Robin and Ashley were essential in spreading awareness about JustWorld and its mission to newcomers during the night. Ashley shared her experience traveling to JustWorld’s partner project Los Patojos in Guatemala and her role as an Ambassador.

Another key attendee was Kevin Sanford who is also a long time supporter and friend of JustWorld. Kevin Sanford and Mark Samuel were key players who enabled Los Patojos to spread it’s reach to hundreds of members of the community by funding the Samuel-Sanford Family Performance Hall. The heart of Los Patojos, the Performance Hall features an auditorium as well as music and art studios where art and cultural shows, lectures and social activities are held, providing children and the community a safe space to express themselves. Thanks to the Samuel-Sanford family, they have offered to match, dollar-for-dollar, all donations JustWorld receives by December 25th up to $25,000, including the funds raised during the Burberry fundraiser.

Special thanks to Burberry, Robin, Ashley, and the Samuel-Sanford family for making the night such a success!