Ambassadors Worldwide Team Up to Give Back

Ambassadors are a committed group of equestrians who come together from around the globe to make incredible change for more than 6,500 children living in impoverished communities in Cambodia, Guatemala, and Honduras.

As a whole, Ambassadors have shown incredible compassion and dedication by helping a generation lift themselves out of poverty. With efforts ranging from bake sales and silent auctions to themed parties and project visits, the results have been truly inspiring.

Together, JustWorld Ambassadors have created enormous change, but their work is still not done.

This year, the “changemakers” will come together and participate in the first-ever worldwide JustWorld Ambassador fundraising campaign.

With this online campaign, all 400+ supporters, hailing from 42 different countries, will have the opportunity to work together to reach the goal of raising $50,000 to fund the nutrition program at Los Patojos in Guatemala for the entire 2018 school year. Making a donation and participating in this campaign will also count as each individual’s Ambassadorship renewal for the following year.

To do your part in helping Ambassadors reach this tremendous goal, please make a donation using this link for the “End of Year Ambassador Fundraiser” page:

This campaign allows Ambassadors to easily take fundraising into their own hands, to create a personal page and set personal fundraising goals. By simply sharing their initialized link on social media and with friends and family, the impact can be doubled!

Please do your part and get involved; this small act of kindness is truly life-changing.

For more information please contact Molly McDougall at