A Year of Celebration for JustWorld International and the Longines CSIO St. Gallen

There were many reasons to celebrate this year in St. Gallen. Longines celebrated its fifteenth year of partnership with the event and their fourth year as Title Partner. It was also the fourth year the renowned 5* outdoor show welcomed JustWorld International as their Official Charity partner. The generosity of the organizers and Title Partner Longines raised the equivalent of 5,000 meals each year through the “Longines Clear the Jump” initiative, traditionally organized during the Grand Prix on Sunday. This year was even better!


In 2013, the Longines CSIO St. Gallen became the first international horseshow in Switzerland to support JustWorld. The same year, Longines decided to partner with the well-known charity and has provided them with invaluable support ever since. For JustWorld, the generosity of such partners is essential to continuing their activities with their partner projects in Cambodia, Guatemala, and Honduras, providing education, nutrition, health and hygiene, and cultural development programs to children living in poverty.


Longines decided to raise the bar this year and increase their donation to JustWorld International.


In the spirit of celebration Longines increased their support and announced that for each rider who jumped both the FEI and Longines obstacles clear in the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup on Friday, Longines would contribute with the support of additional meals for JustWorld.


Nayla Stössel, Show President of St. Gallen, encouraged the St. Gallen riders, partners and public to give back, “The world of equestrian top sport brings together a lot of good people contributing to great sport performances and emotions. We heard that JustWorld International was raising funds for children in need and were convinced right away to support this idea. In the end, every member of our sport’s community can do its part.”


Longines Clear the Jump –  a fantastic formula for success


Longines, a major partner of equestrian sports, actively renewed the Longines Clear the Jump fundraiser already in place at other shows across Europe. Each time the Longines fence is cleared in a class, a donation is made to JustWorld. Through this initiative over these past few years, Longines has provided well over 100,000 meals for more than 6,000 children whom JustWorld supports (1 € = 1 meal).


On Friday, June 3rd, Juan-Carlos Capelli, Longines Vice President and Head of International Marketing, proudly presented the equivalent of more than 15,000 meals to the organization. “We were particularly pleased to celebrate our 15th Anniversary with the Longines CSIO Schweiz St. Gallen hosting the FEI Furusiyya Nations Cup presented by Longines. In order to mark our 15 years of partnership with the Swiss leg of the FEI Nations Cup, we extended our support for JustWorld International. In line with Longines’ slogan ‘Elegance is an attitude,’ we rewarded the elegance of the heart shown by JustWorld International in favour of disadvantaged children.”


Overwhelmed by this generosity, JustWorld International Founder and Executive Director, Jessica Newman, emphasized the importance of reliable partners for any charitable organization by sharing, “This is absolutely amazing! Four years ago when this three-way partnership between the CSIO St. Gallen, Longines and JustWorld began, I would never have dreamt how much the partnership would have grown and their generosity just continues to grow every year. JustWorld is incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful corporate and event partners such as the CSIO St. Gallen and Longines.”