Welcome to the team, Abdulla Faaih!

JustWorld is constantly gaining the incredible support of philanthropic equestrians from around the globe, but most recently an all-new kind of Ambassador has joined the ranks to give a hand as the first tennis Ambassador to represent the organization.

This month JustWorld welcomed Abdulla Faaih to the team! Abdulla is a Maldives native and the current #1 ranked tennis player in his territory. In addition to being a student, spending countless hours mastering his craft, and representing his country at tournaments, Abdulla still searches for ways to personally contribute to society and make the world a better place.

Abdulla found JustWorld as a perfect outlet to help put his dreams of creating a more just world into place. Once he learned that JustWorld is able to offer the world’s top athletes the ability to give back- even with their extremely daunting training schedule – Abdulla knew he needed to get involved.

Q&A with JustWorld’s newest changemaker!

JW: How old are you?
AF: 21

JW: What is life like growing up in Maldives?
AF: Different. Living in a congested small island has its own ups and downs.

JW: How would you describe your current involvement with the sport of Tennis?
AF: Optimistic. Tennis is more leisure than professional here. I want to change that though by winning internationally.

JW: What is your favorite food?
AF: Spaghetti

JW: Do you have any siblings?
AF: One sister and one brother. I’m the youngest.

JW: What are your future goals?
AF: To win international tournaments and bring hope to sports careers; also, to make [my own] NGO kind of group like WOLF to bring about positive change.

JW: Do you have any pre-tennis match rituals?
AF: I watch tennis videos over and over.

JW: How did you first hear of JustWorld?
AF: I went online to search for NGOs to join. I was actually looking to see if there was a fitness-related one.

JW: What inspired you to want to get involved with JustWorld?
AF: I’m not that extroverted [of a person]. I do things anonymously so mostly I donate and JustWorld looked like a great NGO so I wanted to get involved, even if it’s a little amount. A rule I follow is if you get something, thank God for it by helping others.

JW: What change would you like to see in the world?

JW: In your opinion, what is the best way anyone can create a more just world?
AF: Be a better person yourself and don’t brag about it. Advertising and posting on social media will only change your own objective. Soon you’ll go into showing off. Just be the best you and be a role model. People around you will adjust.

JW: How will your new involvement with JustWorld impact your tennis career?
AF: It will just be an extra help. Involvement with JustWorld is a path for me to help others from the shadows.

Abdulla has already been putting his new “change maker” status to use by working closely with the JustWorld team to help implement other awareness and fundraising initiatives in his home country. Are you or do you know an athlete who would like to get involved with JustWorld? If so, shoot us an email today at mmcdougall@justworldinternational.org to get started. JustWold is open to changemakers of any kind!