Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

JustWorld International is devoted to breaking the cycle of poverty by funding local partners around the world helping children thrive.

Our Philosophy and Vision

While many nonprofit organizations focus primarily on providing short-term assistance to developing countries, JustWorld’s goals are long-term. Studies worldwide show that education is a key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

JustWorld International focuses its efforts on some of the poorest communities in countries such as Honduras, Cambodia, Guatemala, and Colombia, where public education is limited or inaccessible, threatening many children’s chances for productive lives.

JustWorld helps children who live in poverty that is unimaginable to many people in the developed world. Some examples include:

  • Cambodian children who contribute to a family’s meager income and food supply by scavenging barefoot through garbage sites to contribute to their family’s food and income supply.
  • Honduran children in rural communities who have little chance of attending “free” public schools because their families cannot afford the $50 needed each year to pay for uniforms and school supplies. Honduran kids in urban slums with no access to books and reading activities.

JustWorld envisions a world in which all children have access to education, nutrition, and the opportunity to create their own bright future.

JustWorld believes in developing culturally sensitive, sustainable projects, targeting communities where local organizations have evolved to help children who often fall beyond the reach of government and large-scale humanitarian programs. Recognizing that impoverished communities need help feeding and clothing their children to prepare them for school, JustWorld and its partners provide food, water, and other supplies that address some of the immediate needs of children while offering education that helps equip these children for lives of self-sufficiency.