Let’s talk about JustWorld Ambassadors.

To be an Ambassador means you wish to represent JustWorld by acting as a spokesperson to raise awareness for JustWorld among your friends, local community, at horse shows, and in the media.

Juniors, Amateurs, Professionals, and Technical Officials.

All disciplines. All levels.

Ambassadors pledge to make an annual donation to JustWorld in addition to awareness raising activities. Ambassadors also volunteer their time during JustWorld events. There is no minimum amount an Ambassador is required to pledge.

JustWorld Ambassadors’ efforts to raise funds and awareness are making a difference.

Hundreds of fundraising initiatives such as t-shirt sales, pizza and bake sales, and JustWorld Horseless Horse shows are put on by Ambassadors throughout the year. These endeavors not only raise awareness for our cause, but the proceeds from Ambassador fundraisers go directly to the JustWorld projects.


Say hello to…

Ambassador Spotlight: Naya Shim

Naya Shim Naya is a current junior in high school and has been affiliated with JustWorld for the past four years. Just recently Naya has taken her involvement to a new level by spending her spring and summer as a JustWorld intern. Since first joining the JustWorld Family, Naya was excited to get started as a change maker! Between riding and school, Naya has taken every opportunity she could to…

Ambassador Spotlight: Kat Southam

Kat Southam Professional Dressage Ambassador Kat Southam from the west coast aims to go above and beyond as a change maker. Being an Ambassador for JustWorld and helping to support 6,000 children in our projects really resonates with Kat as it relates to her personal life experiences prior to choosing to ride for a cause with JustWorld. Independently, Kat has traveled to Cambodia and has seen firsthand just how eager…

Ambassador Spotlight: Alexander Zetterman

Alexander Zetterman A professional show jumper from Sweden, Alex has been an active Ambassador since 2013. From sporting his JustWorld gear and competing in his JustWorld show coat, Alex has always been eager to contribute in any way he can. He joined the most recent trip to visit our project in Guatemala, Los Patojos, which he claims was truly a life changing experience. Alex has also participated in a number…