Wondering What’s Going on with JustWorld Europe?

After a successful JustWorld Week in Deauville, France, with the European Gala as a highlight, JustWorld is soon to make its first trip down to Portugal for the Vilamoura Champions Tour. This edition of the tour kicks off a new partnership between JustWorld International and the Vilamoura Equestrian Centre to improve the lives of more than 6,500 children around the world!

Located on the southern coast of Portugal, the Vilamoura Equestrian Centre has become one of the best equestrian facilities in Europe. Run by one of the most established families in Portuguese show-jumping, the Moura family, Antonio Moura has been organizing shows since 1998 and has succeeded in placing both the Vilamoura Atlantic Tour and the Vilamoura Champions Tour as a must on many acclaimed international show-jumping riders’ schedules. Throughout the twelve weeks of international competitions, the center hosts more than two-thousand horses from forty nations around the world.

What makes these tours so unique is the family-friendly atmosphere and hospitality that is felt all around from the riders and grooms to visitors. The Moura family attaches importance to these qualities which are the same embodied by JustWorld and explains how this partnership came about so naturally- as JustWorld supporters, they learned about the needs of others across the globe and decided to play a role in giving thousands of children a leg up to a brighter future.

Bernardo Moura, who has played a distinctive role in the organization of the tour, explains, “I became familiar with JustWorld a couple years ago at a competition and since then I have continued following their work. It is impressive how JustWorld has developed and how many children they are helping. As a show organizer, I see great potential in our event. It can be an important vehicle to help JustWorld in their battle to provide a better life to children around the world.” This partnership is about uniting two communities to form one big family, coming together to make a change.

Throughout the four weeks of this tour, various activities and events are planned. The Vilamoura Equestrian Centre will play host to one of the first Cheers for Change events in Europe, a very exciting new fundraising initiative which already has had success in the States since it launched in March. Local volunteers will be selling show programs, the sales of which will be entirely donated to JustWorld and a drawing will be organized with the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

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