“Screen on the Green” Success

As the 2017 season of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) came to a close, the students organized a fun “Screen on the Green” fundraiser to apply the philanthropic skills they learned throughout the program. The night was a fun way to raise awareness and funds for JustWorld’s partner projects.

Every Tuesday evening, more than 30 students from a number of different equestrian disciplines and backgrounds gathered together to hone their skills in taking an active step closer to becoming the world’s next philanthropic leaders. This year, LDP was joined by Wellington’s premier dressage training program, the Winter Intensive Training Program (WIT), bringing together a great group of leaders from the Dressage community.

The program has covered topics including leadership, team building, philanthropy, and fundraising. To round out this winter’s session, the group of talented change-makers put the tools they learned throughout season into action. For the first time, LDP put on a fundraiser, where all proceeds received will go back to benefit JustWorld’s partner projects.

The leaders created a fundraising movie night, “Screen on the Green.” On Thursday, March 16th 2017, they invited their friends and family to Belle Herbe farm to watch a family-friendly movie. Tickets for the night’s events, food and beverages were sold for donation. The night was a great example of how young leaders can come together to create change around the world in a fun and inspiring way.

Congratulations to all of the LDP participants this year!