For the past fifteen years, JustWorld has efficiently funded humanitarian programs that help children who fall beyond the reach of government or other large scale organizations. This year, JustWorld is supporting nearly 7,000 children at partner organizations in Cambodia, Guatemala, Honduras and the United States.

Amazing changes are happening because of JustWorld’s supporters. Two of the founders of JustWorld’s partners have received the prestigious CNN Top 10 Hero Award. Not only does this validate the programs as exemplary, but the raw data speaks for itself. Last year, hundreds of students held a book for the first time because their families cannot afford to have one at home. Also in the past year, JustWorld provided more than 274,000 meals to the children at their projects and more than 2,600 patients were treated at their health clinics. JustWorld’s work is not done yet.

You can be a part of this incredible continued movement of change. With as little as $50 a month, you can support English class for two students at JustWorld partner Los Patojos in Guatemala. You can support the nutrition of four students at the People Improvement Organization in Cambodia.

By providing basic necessities such as education, nutrition, health and hygiene, and cultural development, JustWorld supporters provide the tools to empower thousands of young boys and girls, giving them access to continuing education, careers, and success.

Launched in July,  “Lead Change. Be Change,” is how supporters can sign up for an easy one time monthly giving program for as little as $25 a month and support the children at JustWorld programs. Each supporter who signs up for monthly giving before September 1st will receive a “Lead Change Be Change” Shirt.


The overarching messaging of the new “Lead Change. Be Change” campaign is that supporters can “Be Change” by signing up for the monthly giving membership program and providing vital funding for children in need. Those same supporters can “Lead Change” by wearing their shirts they receive and sharing it on social media, thus serving as leaders or examples for their network to join them in making a difference.

You can be part of something powerful. Sign up for easy, one-time registration for monthly giving and receive your t-shirt today. Those that sign up will also receive updates on the projects and on the remarkable impact monthly giving is creating.