Let’s talk JustWorld Ambassadors

JustWorld brings a dedicated group of equestrians together as Ambassadors. To be an Ambassador means you represent JustWorld by acting as a spokesperson for the organization with the goals of spreading awareness, raising funds and being leaders in their communities. Ambassadors are the backbone of the organization and together have changed the lives of nearly 7,000 children, one stride at a time. 

Ambassadors are all disciplines.

All ages. All levels. All sports. 

Juniors, Amateurs, Professionals and Technical Officials 

Ambassadors contribute by making a yearly donation to JustWorld in addition to awareness raising activates. Ambassadors also volunteer their time during JustWorld events. There is no minimum amount an Ambassador is required to raise or donate.  

JustWorld Ambassadors’ efforts to raise funds and awareness are making a difference. 

Getting involved and being a part of the change is simple.

Fundraising initiatives such as t-shirt sales, pizza and bake sales, Horseless Horse Shows and special JustWorld benefit events are held by Ambassadors throughout the year and take place all around the globe. These endeavors not only raise awareness for our cause, but the proceeds from Ambassador fundraisers go directly to the JustWorld projects.  

Join the Team!

To become a JustWorld Ambassador fill out our application here.