Ambassador, Artist, Athlete: Brianne Link

JustWorld brings together a dedicated group of equestrians from across the globe as supporters, Ambassadors and Members to help us reach our goal of supporting children living in poverty to build a brighter future.

JustWorld’s Ambassadors are passionate and often have interests and talents that expand far beyond the show ring while simultaneously finding creative ways to give back.

Lifelong Ambassador, Brianne Link, is no exception to this trend. Brianne has been involved with JustWorld since she can remember and has visited JustWorld partner project Los Patojos in Guatemala six times. Brianne has always had a passion for philanthropy, riding and art. Now, as a current freshman at The Savannah College of Art and Design, Brianne has created a way to combine her favorite things.

What started as a simple class assignment has now bloomed into a full Ambassador-run fundraiser and business. While taking a course entitled “Color Theory,” Brianne was assigned to create a painting of the subject of her choice; Brianne naturally chose to paint her favorite subject, her horse, Wendy. After posting a photograph of the finished product on social media, other began to take notice. Friends and fellow students soon wanted portraits of their own beloved pets made by Brianne.

Brianne has taken this new demand for custom creations in stride, titling the business “BL Custom Animal Portraits” and launching her own website and social media page to accommodate all new orders. Ordering your own animal portrait is made simple by sending in a headshot, picking a color for Brianne to use to create highlights and markings. She then packages and ships the paintings herself.

Brianne took this business one step further and with every order using the special code: “JUSTWORLD” a portion of the painting’s price will be donated back to JustWorld.

“I call it Pony Pop Art, and it is really a way of finding passion beyond the ring, while also linking it to my favorite way to give back and help kids all around the world,” Brianne comments.

Brianne’s Pony Pop Art can be purchased in sizes 14×18 or 18×24 and orders can be placed online at or by contacting Brianne directly on Instagram @blcustomanimalportraits, by phone 631-707-1445 or by email

Do you have a passion that you think you could turn into an Ambassador fundraiser? Let us know so we can help! Contact Molly at