Hello, my name is Jerry. I would like to tell you that in the book club I wrote a story. It was a wonderful experience. The story is called “EL AGUILA Y SU AMIGO EL SANATE” (The Eagle and Its Friend The Grackle). For me, it is incredible to know that my story was published in a book and not only that, but it includes my biography which means that I am a writer. Thanks to that I have improved my spelling and continue to write more stories.

Something else super great was to read the story that I wrote in front of the whole club and everyone, in harmony, congratulated me for writing my story. It made me feel special and important. I feel happy with much desire to continue studying and every day I learn more and more.

I also benefit through the library where I can do my homework and other work I have to research which helps me to get good grades in school.

I study at the technical institute and have three brothers. I really like to participate in the activities. This year I joined the artistic group of batucada. That is a different experience since I have to play an instrument and be in performances. Recently we presented an event in the central park of Tegucigalpa. I was nervous because there were many people, but in the end everything went well and they gave us lots of applause.

Participating in all of these activities helps me to easily prepare exhibitions, lose my fear, to know that I am important, and speak in public. I can carry out techniques such as brainstorming, working as a team, and, above all, prepare to be a good young person.

I want to thank JustWorld for supporting us. Thanks to you we can carry out many activities, have artistic workshops and libraries. Thank you.