Hi! Good morning, my name is Henry. I’m 15 years old. I’m studying at the Technical Institute Honduras. I’m in the 3rd cycle. I have eight brothers and live with my dad and my mom.

At the moment, I participate in the instrumental ensemble workshop where I learn to play the flute and this year I started to play the guitar. With the instrumental ensemble there have been many performances and for one of them this year we played for the President. This was a different experience because there were a lot of media and people, like 400 or 500 people. I was a bit anxious, but the presentation was nice. We shook hands with the President; that motivated us a lot, the whole group.

I want to thank JustWorld because thanks to you I can learn an instrument and carry out many activities for free.

Something that helps me and my brothers a lot is the library of Compartir because we do our homework, prepare school exhibitions, crafts, and we research on the internet also when we do not have any material in the library. They give or lend us as markers, paper, cardstock, glue, and scissors.

Thanks to Compartir and JustWorld for their support.