Hi, I am Carlos. I study at the institute Rafael Pineda Ponce. I am in eighth grade. I have three brothers who also participate in Asociación Compartir.

I participate in the Readers Club and the library where I can do my homework, learn about reading and I have access to many books and the computer with internet.

I have a new experience this year! I’d like to share with you that I am attending the contemporary dance workshop which is something new for me. It helps me a lot to know my body, know about the abilities that I can develop, and it helps me to exercise.

In the group “From Youth to Youth”, it helps me to have the ability to work as a team. Thanks to these activities and thank you to God, I get very good grades in school.

The most beautiful experience I have had this year was to know that a story I wrote in a book club meeting was published in a book called Biblioguitar. The story I wrote is called “The Fruits and the Power of their Energy”. It was a beautiful experience since I never imagined that I could write a story. My family and I feel proud for that great achievement. I have no words to describe that experience, but it will remain in my mind forever.

I thank JustWorld because thanks to them I have a library where I can do my homework, artistic workshops that I can participate in for free, and the best thing is that it is close to my house and in my community.