Hello! Greetings, to the ones who read my testimony. Today, I will tell you about my experience in Compartir, so pay attention.

My story starts when I was 10 years old and I decided to go to the instrument workshop since I was going to serve in school. Now, I have been participating in the workshop for four years and this year I started to play the bass. It is a different experience. It is a bit difficult, but I receive 40 minutes of class every day and we have already done performances. I get nervous, but the teacher tells me that is why we practice. If I am doing what I like, I do not have to be nervous. If not, I do not enjoy it.

Asociación Compartir helps me a lot since I have a library where after I rehearse I do my homework. I research on the internet and I have many books to read. They also help me with classes of reinforcement and computation.

With the instrumental ensemble, we have played at various places like the National Theater Manuel Bonilla and the Plaza Miraflores shopping center. It is a very nice experience. I also had the opportunity to play for the President- that was something different because there were media cameras and a lot of security, but everything went well. We played well and in the end we took a picture with the President.

I thank God, Professor Nelson Rodríguez, JustWorld and Asociación Compartir because if it were not for them, I would be walking on the streets like many young people today.

Thanks to you, I am a great flutist and now a bass player too and this is only a small part of my life because not only do I come to learn at Compartir, but I also make friends and get to know places that we have never visited such as museums. Also, when I have free time I accompany the teacher, Nelson, doing reading activities in Colonia Los Pinos where I share with many children and tell them stories. It is a different experience. Every time I return home from Compartir, I tell my mom about each experience and that it was beautiful and I loved it.

Now, I give advice to my friends and invite them to Compartir so they learn, stop doing bad things, and that to be a good person you have to strive. In the future I want to be a great bass player and a music teacher. I have many plans and dreams so I will continue to strive.

Thank you JustWorld for supporting me and supporting many children of my town.