Ambassador Spotlight: Naya Shim

Naya Shim

Naya is a current junior in high school and has been affiliated with JustWorld for the past four years. Just recently Naya has taken her involvement to a new level by spending her spring and summer as a JustWorld intern.

Since first joining the JustWorld Family, Naya was excited to get started as a change maker! Between riding and school, Naya has taken every opportunity she could to become involved including proudly sporting the JustWorld patch on her show and school backpack, planning a “Trick-Or-Treat for JustWorld” event on Halloween to collect donations and raise awareness around her neighborhood, setting up a Penny War within her high school class, coordinating homemade horse treat sales in New Jersey and California to represent Team Honduras during the Team Challenge, and creating a donation box at her local barn. With all her hard work and dedication, Naya says, “I enjoyed every second of each process.”

Staying an active Ambassador has been a key motivator for Naya to continue to strive for more. Among many fond memories of being a JustWorld Ambassador, she says being part of the Team Challenge winning team, watching a class under the lights with a group of Ambassadors, and meeting the founder of Los Patojos, Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes, during the Winter Equestrian Festival, were among the top.

Naya states, “There are so many rewarding results and acknowledgements that make you feel really great with your work as an Ambassador such as having new experiences, connecting with new people, and strengthening my event coordinating and time management skills; helping JustWorld has also helped me. There was definitely no second guessing when deciding who/where I wanted to be an intern for!”