Ambassador Spotlight: Kat Southam

Kat Southam

Professional Dressage Ambassador Kat Southam from the west coast aims to go above and beyond as a change maker. Being an Ambassador for JustWorld and helping to support 6,000 children in our projects really resonates with Kat as it relates to her personal life experiences prior to choosing to ride for a cause with JustWorld.

Independently, Kat has traveled to Cambodia and has seen firsthand just how eager the children are to learn despite the extreme conditions in which they live. So when Kat first learned about JustWorld’s mission to help children in Cambodia, Honduras and Guatemala lift themselves out of poverty, she couldn’t wait to become an Ambassador. Kat says, “When I learned of JustWorld International and the incredible work they do, I knew I had to get involved.”

Kat is always looking for creative ideas to help raise funds and awareness. This winter Kat has launched her own personal fundraising page and has done impressive networking within her equestrian community. We are all looking forward to seeing Kat make big strides in creating a more just world!