Airline Miles Donation

JustWorld can now accept frequent-flier miles donations!

If you would like to donate your miles to help us facilitate Ambassador visits, project evaluations, and on-site assistance for our partners overseas, it’s as easy as sending an email to:

In the email, please provide:

 1. Your name

2. Number of miles or tickets you would like to pledge

3. Applicable airlines

4. Preferred method of contact (an email address or phone number/contact information for an assistant or travel agent)

Because frequent-flier miles are not directly transferable (except to a select number of mega-charities, such as the Red Cross), our method for accepting donations is:

1. You pledge

2. We contact you when we have a travel date

3. We arrange a ticket in the traveler’s name, using your donated miles

     (With absolutely minimal effort required on your part!)

A final unfortunate caveat: we regret that frequent-flier miles donations are not tax-deductable.

As always, thank you so much for your continued support!